Experts say Zika virus is almost as dangerous as HIV

Lately, Zika virus is much talked about all over the world. In fact, it really deserves mankind’s attention now. Reportedly, this mosquito-borne disease can be the second dangerous one after HIV that people can not cope with since decades. There are numerous reasons for this kind of concern. The first thing to mention is that Zika reportedly causes birth defects. Unfortunately, this is not the only scaring thing with this kind of virus as researchers discover something new almost daily.

New and sometimes rather unexpected evidences appear. Despite the virus was believed to be borne by mosquitoes only, it has already invaded other continents from South America where the first outbreak has emerged. 48 countries are affected by the pandemia now, with Aruba and Bonaire being the most recent ones.

Some affected countries (Brazil, Venezuela, El Salvador etc.) reported Zika outbreaks were followed by increase in paralyzing Guillain-Barre syndrome and microcephaly. While there are no direct evidences that Zika causes microcephaly in utero, the World Health Organization (WHO) tends to blame it until the opposite is not proven.

Official statistics says only one of each five Zika-infected people show the symptoms, but many experts believe the data is outdated (reportedly it is based on a limited outbreak in Micronesia on a small isolated island 10 years ago).

In the USA, House of Representatives called Barack Obama to spend without delay $2.7 billion available for funding Ebola programs to fight against Zika virus. The appeal was grounded by the urgency of the problem, so prompt actions are to be undertaken.

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