Ontario has first confirmed case of Zika

The 60 years old virus, which wasn’t a threat to human population, has again shown up. In an official statement the head of Ontario’s health department, Dr. Williams said that, the first case of this virus has been registered in the province. On Friday he told that, the patient suffering from Zika had recently visited Columbia, but did not provide any further details.

The head of health department of the largest province of Canada assured that, all hospitals and medical institutions have full information about the characteristics and risks regarding this type of virus. He also quoted that every medical organization is equipped with all necessary equipment and antiviral drugs, and it should be dealt with top priority.

The virus of Zika, which is transmitted by Aedes mosquito {Aedes.aegypti}, has already spread to 32 countries. According to an estimate from W.H.O., approximately 4 million people will be infected with this virus within next year.

Till date there’s no medicine or vaccination for this virus.

He (Dr. Williams) said, although there is a confirmed case, but for Ontarian’s the risk rate is very low, because the mosquitoes transmitting the virus aren’t found in Canada and the climatic condition isn’t also appropriate. However the health organization recommends that all people who are going to travel abroad should take all precautions against this virus. Pregnant women or families planning to have a baby should consult their doctors before travelling, and if possible they should postpone their travel to countries, where this virus is present.

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